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Initial Thoughts On Google Chrome

I figured I’d blog my initial thoughts on Google chrome. Rather than a hard to read essay, I figured bullet points are easier to read/scan, so that’s what I’ll do. Announcement Another One Bites the Dust – The classic Queen song was played both before and after the presentation. I can’t help to think this […]

Ben+Darin = Googlefox?

Yesterday we had Ben, today we have Darin. In other news, Google bought the state of California, and renamed it to

Ben + Google = Googlefox?

If there is anyone left who didn’t hear, Ben left the Mozilla Foundation for Google. Details on Ben’s Blog. Well, he said the 10th, so several days ago. Oh, and he’s still working on Firefox. And still will be working out of the foundation a bit. Oh, and Googlefox? I know everyone’s been speculating about […]