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Evolutionary Baby Got Back

The song “Baby Got Back” has been a reoccurring joke on this blog several times as I’ve covered various parodies. The funny folks at Reddit decided to translate and discover the evolutionary meanings behind the song. Screenshot for posterity is below with a link to a larger sized image. The original thread can be found here.

Baby Got Back Reddit

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SpongeBob Got Back

Square Butts - Baby Got Back

Yes, this is the third Baby Got Back post on this blog. Why? Because I find these parodies of the most bizarre song ever made to be quite amusing. Enjoy. This one is a part of a Burger King promotion (featuring The Burger King himself) and SpongeBob. This is a new level of bizarre.

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Baby Got Back – Gilbert & Sullivan Style

Baby Got Back - Gilbert & Sullivan Style

Here’s a very well done rendition of “Baby Got Back” performed Gilbert & Sullivan style.

Previously I’ve mentioned Jonathan Coulton’s acoustic version.


Baby Got Back

Jonathan Coulton - Baby Got Back

Many people have done covers of Baby got Back. Jonathan Coulton wins though for simply being the most amusing interpretation. Considering the competition, which includes Weird Al, that’s saying a lot.

For anyone who doesn’t remember the original, I recommend checking it out.