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Geek Star? Artist? Or Both

I’ve decided to expand and showcase some more of my talents. I can analyze information systems, code, and be artistic. That’s right! Inspired by the great Andy Warhol I decided to express myself artistically in the most fluid and graceful way I could think of.

Old and Busted

Andy Warhol

New Hotness

Great Wall Of Poland

Some more:


Each label had to be pealed off “pretty cleanly”, not perfect, but can’t be in pieces. Each intersection of 4 corners were taped together. They were put up on the wall in chunks every few weeks taped to the wall and pre-existing segments.

Final Thoughts

Will I continue to grace the Art Scene? I’m not sure. It’s not about the fame, the money, or the glamor… but about the art. Making beautiful things.

259 bottles of art on the wall, 259 bottles of art.
Take one down and pass it around, 258 bottles of art on the wall.

And that’s what this college student did with some of his free time.

Note: The wall wasn’t able to tolerate being moved, and was torn down 5/10/2006. A temporary exhibition of stupid ideas executed.

There are no high resolution pics, as I only had a camera phone on me