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The Best Of April Fools Day 2012

Unlike many of my peers I’m not really a curmudgeon when it comes to Internet pranks on April Fools. Some are cool, others aren’t very well done. Get on with it. There wasn’t that much this year, presumably because April 1 falls on a weekend this year. Two however were pretty awesome: Google Maps 8 […]

April Fools 2008

As usual, my list of April Fools that I saw today: Google’s Project Virgle the first permanent human colony on Mars. Google’s Gmail Custom Time lets you choose when to send mail. Never be late again. Google’s gDay™ with Mate™ lets you search content on the internet before it’s created. Google Talk to convert conversations […]

April Fools 2007

Some of my favorites for this year: – Mozilla sues Microsoft over tabbed browsing. WebKit – Switching to Trident (IE) NASA – Americans Defeat Russians in First Space Quidditch Match. CNet – Dalai Lama exiled to Second Life. Among other great fake story titles. BBC – Sniff Screen Technology. Google TiSP – Broadband via […]

Be on the look out

As tradition seems to dictate, there may be some rumors about Mozilla circulating around the web today (April 1). Don’t go nuts if you hear that Mozilla Corporation is having an IPO, or that Firefox is going to become an IE shell. Oh yea, if you find a good one, leave a comment here to […]

April Fools

As is tradition, April 1 is a day where you don’t believe anything you see on the Internet. Here are some of my favorite pranks so far: Wikipedia claims Encyclopedia Britannica has initiated a “semi-hostile” takeover Paris Hilton recruited to give Linux more exposure. Tiger Woods named spokesman for Apple just prior to the release […]