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April 13, 2029: A friday 13th to remember

Yikes, that’s about all I can say about this. I’m curious if Bush will be finding a way to claim this is Saddam’s work. I suspect this somehow will be linked to terrorism.


If I didn’t know any better, I’d call it a hoax

This website just looks like a hoax… but I know they really plan on being real in a few years time.

Just amazing how science has progressed. To think that a company honestly plans to offer flights to space.

Now where is that store that sells the flying cars? Is it next to where I bought my 1 piece silver suit?


SpaceShipOne wins X-Prize

It appears the X-Prize has been won!



Touchdown of Spaceshipone

Touchdown of Spaceshipone!

Tis another historic day for mankind.


Genesis crashes

NASA is reporting that the Genesis capsule’s parachute didn’t open as planned, resulting in it tumbling to the ground and impacting at what FoxNews is reporting on TV as 100 MPH. Probable damage, but no word on the status of the payload (about the size of a few grains of salt). NASA does have video of the decent (helicopters were present as they were supposed to snag it), showing it tumbling and spinning. Some eerie pictures are being shown now. Amazing how red the dirt it landed in looks. It’s like a Martian impact.



This is why we need Hubble

Take a look at this beautiful picture of a Supernova as taken by the Hubble Telescope. Just amazing.

Stuff like this makes me realize how I need to take my old telescope out of the basement on a clear night. Just so much effort to take out… but lots of fun.


It Bounces

It’s bouncing!

As I type initial confirmation that it (Opportunity) survived touchdown!

Wow, I’m upset I missed the first one. Extremely fun to watch. It’s like a Geeky Superbowl. The only thing I don’t see is a cooler being pored on anyone… and I’m not sure if that’s due to some asthma, or the computers ;-).

It’s a real entertaining kick to watch. I highly recommend it.

“Strong signals” is what I hear.

TONS of fun for all who missed it. The past 5 minutes were the best streaming video I’ve seen outside of Steve Jobs Keynotes… and I’d say it’s a tie when it comes to that.

Update: It’s rolling!


Send your name to a comet

How neat is this. Send your Name to a Comet. Think there is a chance ET will pronounce my last name correctly?

It’s geeky, perhaps even silly. But it’s pretty cool to think about.



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