What about non-voter rights

Since when has the rights of the non-voters in the US gone down the toilet? Btw, we statistically represent the majority of US Citizens living within the 50 states. The people who realize that “elections” are really pretty bogus, and meaningless. Not to mention a waste of time, money, and effort. They cost millions to run, and result in millions and millions in lost productivity on Nov 2. Despite the fact that they are completely worthless.

I hate politics. If politicians want to do something useful: outlaw politics.


Bush tells the world to go away

Bush has taken his political policies to the web. He’s blocking non-american IP addresses now. Once again telling every non-American to go to hell. An interesting note is that he might by trying to keep Americans overseas from reading his website before deciding who to vote for. Vote blind rather than see how anti-world his agenda may be. Many are saying these foreign based Americans may be key to the election. Not letting them see his foreign policy may provide him with an advantage.


Bush, Cheney concede Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction

Well, I think the title says it all.

For his part, Cheney dismissed the significance of Duelfer’s central findings, telling supporters in Miami, ”The headlines all say `no weapons of mass destruction stockpiled in Baghdad.’ We already knew that.

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The Politics of Tech

I’m not political, so here’s my political analysis geek style:



  • Prefer proprietary technology
  • Invalid HTML is universal across sites, minimal web standards)
  • Choice in media players (QuickTime, Windows Media, Real)

Republican National Committee



  • Prefer Open Source (most of the time, especially DNC website)
  • Prefer Web Standards at times
  • Choice in media (Windows Media, Real, Quicktime)

Democratic National Committee
Democratic National Convention 2004



  • Varied, platforms but better than Republicans
  • Web Standards seems more important
  • Choice in media players (QuickTime, Windows Media, Real)
  • Lower budget websites

Cobb (Green Party)

Seems Contributors tell quite a bit about what to expect in the parties tech, as well as their policies [Republican | Democrat | Nader]

Sidenote: Of these, only the Bush Campaign seems to be using lots of negative campaign tactics. Even on the website it’s very obvious. Third parties use virtually none. Kerry has one ‘politically correct’ worded message on ‘Why Bush is wrong for America’. Bush makes it the focal point of his website these days. There seems to be more on Kerry than George. An interesting observation on tactics.

This isn’t scientific, or an endorsement of any candidate, just a quick little analysis on how parties view the internet, and web standards as well as open source platforms and comments as I feel appropriate..

Politics Software Tech (General)

The Pure Software Act of 2006

A must read article on all the bad software, and how to help users stay away from it.

I really hope it goes to the Feds, and we get a law about this. All websites with downloads must be labeled appropriately, and all downloads must warn before such actions take place. Even commercial software should note right on the box.

We have warnings on everything. I’ve seen markers that say “do not insert in anus”. Why not warnings to protect peoples property (computer), intellectual property (data), and protect the users themselves from fraud?

A well thought out solution to a problem that has pestered everyone. I think it’s a worthwhile thing to make law. This is perhaps one of the best plans presented in quite some time to combat a problem with technology.

Politics Tech (General)

FBI Attempting to damage Business?

An interesting article via Slashdot, discusses how the FBI decided to shut down an ISP, rather than take specific data, citing it’s more “efficient”.

I wonder if someone hosted at a large hosting facility like one of Verio’s, or Sprint, etc. Would they cease the entire facility? Turning off the servers for Fortune 500 companies? Or do they only do this to small businesses? Perhaps if it happened

Either way, I question the ethics of the FBI’s move. This undoubtedly, did irreversible damage to the ISP, since I’m sure some customers will leave after the downtime. Not to mention all it’s customers.

Politics Spam

Spam to increase thanks to new Law

Here’s my analysis of the new law:

1. More spammers will operate off shore. This means, even more spam, even the bad stuff (child pornography, scam’s etc.) will be out of US jurisdiction. As of now, at least some, comes from places within US law’s coverage. Now it will be less.

2. The biggest issue:

As CAUCE notes:

This legislation fails the most fundamental test of any anti-spam law, in that it neglects to actually tell any marketers not to spam. Instead, it gives each marketer in the United States one free shot at each consumer’s e-mail inbox,

Now here is where the removal clause can end up doing more harm than not:

People will be under the impression that removing email is as easy as clicking “unsubscribe”, which it may be for several US based spammers, who decide to obey the laws.

But how do you know it’s within the US, and removing? Or outside the US, and confirming your email address for spammers?

There is my issue. Congress has passed a bill that actually does the complete opposite of what it is intended to do. While it’s nice to see them caring about the issue. They have made the problem much worse. They are telling millions of people to confirm their email address with offshore spammers.

Now imagine this:

Not only is the spammer out of US law’s control, but Congress told the American people to confirm their email address with spammers outside the country.

This can actually have very negative consequences on the economy, as email is used widely throughout US businesses. Now imagine spam becoming more costly.

Are we having fun yet?

Spread the word that this bill is a very bad thing, and should be scrapped and redone. It’s flawed throughout, and poses to increase, rather than decrease spam. The complete opposite of the said intent of the bill.

In The News Politics

Do not call list

They better get the Do Not Call List working soon. Apparently there have been some legal issues.

I can’t stand telemarketers. They drive me nuts. Don’t want to buy anything from some con-artist over the phone. The fact that a company uses telemarketing makes it an invalid company in my mind.

There’s no need to call, because I will not pay, buy, or vote for anything telemarketed. It just crosses you off my list.


In The News Politics

He’s not even dead yet

He’s not even dead yet, and were going through his mail.

Kind of sad how people take advantage. The man’s still living (though not in a great state of mind sadly), and we are discussing his paper trail and intimate letters.

Some people push it to far.


Does it always have to be bad?

Why is it that it takes tragedy for people to get together? You would think humans would be a little more preemptive than that.

Took 9/11 to get the country to even think about the word “United”.

Takes a death for some people to get together.

Kind of sad… pretty pathetic. Not very bright from a species that claims to be superior, a species that “evolved” from monkeys.

Just thoughts for the day.