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Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak at the Union Square Barnes & Nobile for a book signing when iWoz was released. 11/29/2006

Funny Personal Photos

Geek Star? Artist? Or Both

I’ve decided to expand and showcase some more of my talents. I can analyze information systems, code, and be artistic. That’s right! Inspired by the great Andy Warhol I decided to express myself artistically in the most fluid and graceful way I could think of.

Old and Busted

Andy Warhol

New Hotness

Great Wall Of Poland

Some more:


Each label had to be pealed off “pretty cleanly”, not perfect, but can’t be in pieces. Each intersection of 4 corners were taped together. They were put up on the wall in chunks every few weeks taped to the wall and pre-existing segments.

Final Thoughts

Will I continue to grace the Art Scene? I’m not sure. It’s not about the fame, the money, or the glamor… but about the art. Making beautiful things.

259 bottles of art on the wall, 259 bottles of art.
Take one down and pass it around, 258 bottles of art on the wall.

And that’s what this college student did with some of his free time.

Note: The wall wasn’t able to tolerate being moved, and was torn down 5/10/2006. A temporary exhibition of stupid ideas executed.

There are no high resolution pics, as I only had a camera phone on me


The Gates

Took an Art History trip to visit The Gates (Wikipedia Link), and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course I snapped some Camera Phone pictures. Note I was walking the entire time, so these were all made while walking on ice.

When visiting the gates, if you ask one of the “Pole People” (the people with poles that have Tennis balls affixed to one end so they can unwrap a gate should the fabric be blown and twisted), you can get a sample of the fabric used. Rather interesting free souvenir.

Afterward we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and checked out some of their stuff. I spent some time roaming in there and got somewhat lost (intentionally didn’t carry a map, just drifted where I felt I wanted to go at the moment). Noteworthy is the Frank Lloyd Wright Living Room (who designed the nearby Guggenheim), and some of the armor and weapons they collected. Rather cool stuff.

Personal Photos

Snow Day?

Well, got up, checked my email, hit the shower, had breakfast, and went to class:

World Lit 2/24 Canceled: Enjoy the Snow

Well thanks for the Email! Oh well…. on my way back I snapped a few pictures of the snow (from the Camera Phone).

Edit: 2:30 pics posted. Last one is a cheap rip off of Christo’s “The Gates”. Ok, it’s just some construction barrier.

Personal Photos

February Snowstorm

Just a snowstorm at Rowan University campus, taking pictures with an LG vx6000 between classes.

Personal Photos

Snow Day

Well, it snowed yesterday, and last night. Well over a foot on the ground. About 1:00 last night the snow plows came, so what is in these pictures is since the plows came. Time to get out the snow blower and shovels.

Personal Photos

Reading list

Well, it’s snowing (perhaps some pictures tomorrow if I remember, and my cell phone’s battery lasts). Anyway tonight and tomorrow I’ve got a fair amount of reading. World Lit, International Business, and Operations Management await. Yea.

I’m gearing up to post more pics. No fancy digital camera. But I do have a camera phone (as you can see above). WordPress is now semi-integrated with Gallery, so it’s easier for me to do (and maintain).


I’ve got photos

I’m going to try and start remembering to take photo’s with my cell phone when I see something cool. I’m so not used to having a camera on me, so it will take some adjustment.

I did happen to take a few photo’s in either July or August on the train. Tell me, which ride looks more relaxing after work?

From now on, I’ll try to remember. It could be fun.


New Photos

Put up some new photo’s. Well kind of.

Over the summer, Bryant Park had concerts every Friday morning, for Good Morning America. The other day I stumbled upon a video of it (as it was broadcasted on TV). I was able to point myself out (well, not really… but whatever).

So here’s the Third Eye Blind captures Pretty cool to catch a concert on your way to work, and still be at your desk on time:

BTW: Bryant Park is also a wireless Hot Spot.

Sidenote: Yes, that’s a Bryant Park is valid XHTML. Pretty cool. WiFi and XHTML. Pretty techy! 😀


Windows Crashes Macy*s

Macy's Error Message

This photo is legit (from my father’s digital camera) on Monday, July 07, 2003, 8:29:46 AM. I know it’s real because I saw it with my own two eyes.

Yep, that’s why I love my Mac. And that’s why my Thinkpad has 1GB of RAM.