Google Internet Networking

Google Outage

Seems is down. Who turned off the lights? I wonder what happened? Did Googlefox cause a power surge?

Update #1 [7:13 PM EST]: It’s DNS related as this still works.
Update #2 [7:15 PM EST]: Seems to be coming back now.
Update #3 [7:39 PM EST]: Engadget suggests a DNS Hack, perhaps poisoning, but that’s unlikely as the site they are talking about is likely


ISP’s should run BitTorrent Cache’s

I’ve went on a bit about BitTorrent before. And in part is has happened (regarding Mozilla). We at least have torrents on the homepage!

Now to send a little messages to ISP’s:

BitTorrent could be an ISP’s best friend. Think networking basics for a minute: Staying within the network is faster, and more reliable. If a user subscribes to Comcast, their connection to Comcast’s network is optimal. Theoretically faster than anything else the can access. Also, Comcast doesn’t need outbound bandwidth by peering, or purchasing bandwidth when a user is using internal content (savings).

If an ISP were to embrace something like BitTorrent, it would really be an advantage to ISP’s. When something new is released, such as a Game, Linux Distro, or other large file, people go and download it all at once. To accommodate that takes some bandwidth. There’s no good reason why an ISP can’t handle the bulk of that internally, and provide faster downloads to their users (great marketing), and lower operational costs.

If an ISP were to setup perhaps a cache, simply to provide fast internal downloading through a method like BitTorrent there would be significant benefit to all parties. File hosts save bandwidth, consumers get files quicker, and ISP’s relieve uplink bandwidth, as well as get something new to market.

Even if the cache only mirrored the very popular things, perhaps took the top 10 of the past 24hrs. That would make a significant difference.


SanDisk and WiFi support for Palm OS 4

I always wanted WiFi for my Sony Clie T665C (Palm OS 4). I emailed SanDisk out of curiosity, and here was my reply:


Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. We do not have Palm support and do not know when we will. There are business issues with Palm Source that are preventing us from delivering a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact our technical support department toll free at 866-SANDISK (866-726-3475). Our technical support team is open Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm PST. Have a Great Day and thank you for choosing SanDisk!

Interesting to hear. I wish I could get WiFi on my T665C. It’s a great PDA, minus this one feature. I wonder what exactly is keeping San Disk from Supporting the Palm OS with their WiFI adapters? My Memory Stick slot would be a great solution.


Blasted network problems

My FM114P Router seems to have fallen to a case of bad Caps. Sucks. Thankfully Netgear is providing a replacement.


IBM Access Connections

For those without Macs. IBM’s Access Connections is what makes Thinkpads feel a bit Mac like.

It allows the computer to change network configs real nice and quick. Kind of like Location manager. Also is capable of automatically finding your network between multiple network adapters. Much more mac like than Windows XP is by default.

Not quite OS X, but it saves me a TON of time.

WiFi is sweet. Perhaps one day I shall document a bit more of good home networking.


Grub, a Network Admin’s Greatest Nightmare

Yikes, just got a chance to try out Grub, a distributed web crawling project… aka cheap bandwidth… This thing is scary. If I were a Network Admin, I would be working on ways to block this right now. This thing is bad news.