I could use some Palm Support in Thunderbird

The one thing keeping me from using Thunderbird as my default mail client (and allowing Firebird to be my Browser) is the lack of Palm Sync Support.

I wish someone would build it as an extension or something.

As soon as I get it… I’m in. Testing full time, on a database containing thousands of emails.

I wish someone with the know-how to fix it would do so. Getting it going would really be a plus.


Thunderbird 0.2 Out

Thunderbird 0.2 is now out. According to Asa.

Looking good, seriously considering the switch at this point. I think I will let them work on it a bit more. My big thing is notification. I want good notification of new mail before I switch.

Good work by Scott.


My own bug

I created a new about:buildconfig page. Something to mimic the about:plugins page. I then took my page and filed a bug. Only things I messed with were XHTML and CSS.

It’s mighty neat filing a bug and the code to resolve it. First time for me. Now I need someone to review, and put in CVS. Not to mention love my work and worship me for my silliness.

Why is this page better?

Consistent design – Matches the plugins page
XHTML Compliant – w3c validator certified. It’s good solid code.
Looks nicer – could even provide more info in the future in a much more organized, professional looking way.

So hopefully someone will review it soon. We shall see…


Mozilla 1.5b Out

As Asa noted the other night, Mozilla 1.5b is coming real soon…. and now it’s out!

Horray, download now. Enjoy the lizard. New since 1.5a is:

  • Mozilla now includes a spellchecker for MailNews and Composer.
  • Mozilla MailNews now supports the printing of the attachments list.
  • The 0.9.x branch has landed and brought many improvements to ChatZilla, Mozilla’s internet relay chat client.
  • MailNews users can add header lines to *every* msg sent out via a certain identity.
  • A common application hang with SSL-encrypted SMTP connections in MailNews was fixed.
  • Unstyled XML display has been improved.
  • Users can now mark message as read by date in MailNews.
  • Gecko now supports setting color for HR and br tags.
  • A common problem collapsing the URLbar popup on Windows has been fixed.
  • Mozilla’s view source now displays line and column numbers in the status bar.
  • Mozilla has improved performance, stability, standards support and web compatibility.

Download and spread the word.


Rendering Issues

Lovin’ anything browser/html related.

David Hyatt has an interesting post on Browsers. A good read for any developer. A very good read. Interesting notes.

When designing this site, I wanted to be very compatible. Good code, and I am. Works in all browsers I tested.



Ben Goodger discussed the idea of making an XUL based Blog posting window.

I’m currently working on it. Can be seen here. Far from done, but a great way to learn XUL!

Quite impressive what one can do so easily. XUL is pretty cool.



Mozilla 1.4.1 Soon

Many are aware that Mozilla 1.4.1 will ship hopefully soon.

Asa was kind enough to email me a “by no means perfect” Bugzilla List of what’s been fixed/changed.

Shows Mozilla progresses quickly.


Web Panels

Asa’s got some cool screenshots on webpanels for firebird posted

Can’t wait to get my hands on those.

Sidenote: Seem to be linking to Asa quite a bit. Good blog, and of course he’s great at informing the Mozilla community about what’s going on. Thanks Asa!


Mozilla Notes

Been a few days since my last Mozilla related post….

Some great info posted here regarding a neat little easter egg that’s been around for ages. Sure wondering what will be in upcoming Mozilla/Firebird releases.

Asa Dotzler wrote a bombshell on the OS X Browser Market. A real good read if there is anyone who hasn’t read it already.

Lastly my meta bug has gotten some traffic, but could use more!

Also, still looking for more web badges for Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird. Contribute!!!


Evangel(Mozilla) THE REBIRTH

I assume by the time everyone reads this, the news will have spread to everyone that Netscape is in essence no more, and Mozilla, is somewhat like an 18 year old recruit on the way to war. Barely any training in what lays ahead, a ton of fear, a fire in its heart, and a burning desire to make its parents proud.

As many know, the EvangelMoz project had a slight skirmish with the Mozilla Project a while back, regarding if it should be marketing towards end users. It is apparent this is behind us, and we should move forward as one group, advocating open source software, standards compliancy, and inter-platform consistency. I would hereby like to propose an informal roadmap for the EvangelMoz project, in hopes that others will join in, and make a contribution to Mozilla in whatever form they can, and benefit the project as a whole. Our ultimate goal is to ensure all that I stated above.

Enough formalities and horrific writing that embarrasses my High School English teachers.

Here are my thoughts broken into two:

  • Standards Compliancy Web Badges, for sites that work well in all browsers. The buttons should point to a webpage describing what standards compliancy is for techies, as well as the casual user, and why it is important to each. They should also be shown what browsers can do what (in a method that they can understand). Web users have the right to be educated in their software, and know what their options for enjoying their web experience.
  • Gecko Distribution Aid
  • Mozilla browsers are great for the workplace. But many IT departments are hesitant to trust open source software. I briefly touched on this several months ago, posting an ‘alpha’ of a possible slide show presentation to be given as a “Why switch to Mozilla” presentation.
  • Guide a Mozilla Customization Kit Project. Netscape has had one for Windows for quite some time. The kit should be completely inclusive, and cover support for multiple platforms, as well as Firebird/Thunderbird and possibly Camino on the Mac. Encourage and provide documentation, samples, and resources on how a Gecko browser can be customized for a business (sidebar of company phone directory, special buttons, widgets, etc.).
  • Mozilla is great for home/personal use. Forget about spyware, hijackers, and other dangers of the net. A fast browser, that works well even on older computers. No need to update windows, to get the latest Internet Explorer. Aide Mozilla Distribution channels in distributing towards end users.
  • Consider different methods of providing support for end users of Gecko browsers, perhaps in a Forum, Chat, Mailing list, or email ticket based environment.
  • Perhaps solicit donations for servers, and manpower by gecko lovers.

So I open the floor to public comment at this time.I know it’s a busy and confusing day for everyone. I would like to send my regards to the folks at Netscape, and wish them all the best in whatever road they travel. Hopefully, our soldier Gecko will be marching behind and covering their back.

Please send all comments on this topic to:

evangelmoz (at) mozdev dot org,

in the spirit of sharing information. I would love to email everyone personally, and invite you to feel free to email me (provided it’s not spam), but I can’t handle everyone.

robert (at) accettura dot com