Stephen Lynch needs Help

Stephen Lynch needs some help:

Comedy Central is having their 2nd annual Standup Showdown. All this month, you can vote for your favorite comedian’s episode of “Comedy Central Presents…” The winner gets their special rebroadcast. Thanks to you, I came in first last year, and I’d like to again this year so maybe they’ll let me do a new special. You can vote at:

Also of note:

I’ll be posting more dates soon. The DVD should be out some time this Spring. I’ll post info when I get it. Thanks for all your support. See you soon


Note: Comedy Central apparently has a little issue with Mozilla, so prepare to fire up your non-Mozilla browser for this one, and hope Comedy Central’s Web Development team gets off their butts and fixes it.



Robert Accettura My friend Eddy drew some great caricature’s of a bunch of pals. During the PSAT’s. That shows how serious High School senors really are about those stupid tests. It was even more immature during the HSPA’s.

Had these posted a few years ago, but were since removed. Anyway, there back, in all their glory.

And yes, that’s me to the left.

Quality art work from Eddy.

Always amusing to see his work.


Way cool toys

I’ve got to admit, I’m still a little kid. Some really cool toys this year: Chicken Dance Elmo and Hokey Pokey Elmo. If only I had these when I was a little kid.


Remember when kids toys were dangerous? I had toys with metal. GI Joe toys actually fired more than 6 inches (and as I learned, by pulling the spring to create more pressure… it goes even further (that’s about all the Physics I ever learned). Remember the GI Joe Battle Wagon? Now that was a toy. Yes, that’s right. 8 Shots!!! All at the push of a button.

Ok, I’ll grow up and start going over my Stat work.


AOL Bloopers

This is just to great:

From page:

Q: Can I delete one of my old AIM screen names?
A: No, you cannot delete old AIM screen names at this time. However, you can prevent other users from finding one of your screen names by performing the following steps:

Windows: Select the My AIM menu, click My Options, and then click Edit Preferences. After the window appears, click the Controls tab, and click Nothing about me.

Macintosh: Select the Edit menu, and click Preferences. After the window appears, click the Controls tab, and click Nothing about me.

You can also and remove any information from your profile that would lead other users to find your screen name. You can access your profile from My AIM menu on Windows or the People menu on Mac OS. (NOTE: AVOID “WIZARD.” IT’S BASICALLY WINDOWS-ONLY AND IT’S VERY HARD TO TRANSLATE WITHOUT GETTING BURNED AT THE STAKE ALSO AVOID MAC. SAY MACINTOSH OR MAC OS.)

(Emphasis mine.)

Apparently they do think of Mac users. Which is nice.

Unfortunately, nobody edits for the editors.


A+ for quality.

Not sure if this has been noticed before, if it has, I’m sorry. But it’s new for me.

Funny Web Development

Frontpage 2003 Ad Typo

Frontpage 2003 Ad Typo

Pro Tip: When creating an ad about professional code editing, make sure the most basic of code is correct.


Lego’s make it work

Lego’s definitely make everything more fun.

This stuff makes the bible fun! I don’t think I’ve gotten a better chuckle in a long time. May I recommend ” The Covenant” (book of Genesis for those who can’t navigate the Bible). Just not if your unable to stomach lego”s circumcising themselves. πŸ˜€

Why didn’t they have this when I was a kid? Would have made learning the bible a lot more fun.


State of the Union

Well done Parody


Very enjoyable, brutally honest.

Comrade Bush is powerful yes?


Cruelty to Animals vs. Discrimination… you decide

I found this just histerical. On vacation I found a pamphlet for horse back (is that a hyphenated word?) riding on the beach… sounds interesting right? Ok, most likely not. But here’s the funny part.

On the back it clearly notes that “Weight limit is 200 lbs”.

So what’s worse? Being cruel to an animal while some obease 12 year old girl rides a horse on a beach… Or discriminating against the 12 year old fat girl, becuase we all know it’s “genetic”, even though she plans on eating a jar of mayonaise while horse back riding… as a snack of course. She doesn’t eat to much between meals.

Also noteworthy is:

“This activity is not suitable for the physically or mentally impaired. In otherwords… if the horse can beat you in a round of jepordy… no ride for you.


GarbagePal Kids

Opie & Anthony still have their following. Great link here.

The boys will be back before you know it. I’m positive of it.

Sidenote: Stephen Lynch just finished up his tour. Hopefully he will do some stuff in NYC soon, so I can go see him after work or something.


South America Is South Of North America

Tasked in high school to find a current news article about South America. This is what I came up with.

I had too much time on my hands.

South America is South of North America