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DBSlayer + Node.js

Lately it seems the rage among developers is to take node.js and combine it with something else unusual. So here’s my contribution. DBSlayer is a project by NYTimes a few years ago that seems to be somewhat forgotten but is pretty cool. It’s another MySQL proxy, but with a slight twist. Rather than use a […]

Project 365 Week 20

A little late posting this one. This was a really rainy week, so hard to get much done.

Project 365 Week 19

Not a very strong week. The rain this week means I’m not looking to do much better :-/ . I’ve still got a few weeks left to come in strong though, so not worried.

On Apple’s Location Tracking

The controversy over Apple’s “Location Tracking” is quite interesting. It’s worth making clear that the nodes stored in the database are approximations of cell phone towers and WiFi hotspots you’re likely to encounter rather than your location(s) at any given point in time. It’s a way to “prime the well” when doing a GPS lookup […]

Project 365 Week 18

A little more old stuff than I’d like. Need to fix that.

Project 365 Week 17

This weeks set.

Project 365 Week 16

I’m a week late blogging these :-/