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Fat, Ugly Or Slutty?

There is a blog dedicated to guys who act like jerks towards female gamers. Never quite understood what that was about. For what it’s worth women play way more games than the stereotypes suggest. They are also a growing demographic by many accounts. It’s amusing to read, but sad at the same time.

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The problem is, these guys are ******** to everyone. Some of the treatment guys have to take, or think is “normal.” They target your insecurity. With the exception of the guys that go after the girls for a quick cyber, but even then there are women who are after that, so how do they know which is which?

There are a lot of places on the internet that could use an overall “play nice” guidelines and general etiquette classes, regardless of who’s being targeted.

@Lucy: I’m pretty sure the general rule is don’t hide behind a screen name, but people assume it’s cool to ignore. I’m not sure a more granular “don’t harass women” rule would be honored with any greater success.

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