Elmo’s Song

Elmo's Song

Looking at this from the perspective of an adult, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus are nothing but sarcastic dicks in the first half of this song. I was still pretty young when this first aired so I guess I overlooked it back then if I saw it.

Today it’s funny but in a very different way than when I was little.

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It’s all about intonation; they genuinely like it. What this really is, is ripe for some bitter and jaded heartless late-night cynic to repurpose it as you suggest. That’s just out of line — Barney’s the only valid target for that sort of nonsense. 😀

@Jeff Walden: You’re right, it is intonation. What was the writers intent? I think that one is up for grabs. Part of me thinks that was inserted to make it interesting for parents watching along with children. Sarcasm is a somewhat complicated rhetorical device if you really think about it. You can take it literally, as most children would, or you can interpret it, as most adults would. In cases like this both are taken well by the audience, just differently. Every so often you see a line, parody or impersonation in a movie that most children wouldn’t get. It’s put there for the adults in the audience.

What’s interesting is the impact of intonation can have on adults. Those who master it (IMHO more of an innate talent than a learned skill) can get away with saying things that would otherwise offend, shock or upset.

FWIW you can enjoy The Simpsons on many different levels, slapstick to POP culture to philosophical.

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