What Facebook Apps Know About You

The ACLU put together a clever quiz on Facebook that lets you see what a Facebook application knows about you.

I doubt most people realize how much they are giving an application, and how unnecessary the information is to the application. There is no legitimate need for something as simple as a quiz to require that much information. And yes, if your friend takes a quiz, your information is shared too.

I mentioned the other day that that Facebook changed the data retention policy. So this gives a little more context regarding what is actually at stake here.

I’ve been unable to confirm if Facebook gives applications the same data for minors (those under 18) as they do for adults. I know they restrict information shared via the website, but not sure if that extends to the API level. If anyone has a minor child and can shed some light on that, I’d be interested to see how they treat privacy of children in Facebook applications. I’m also not sure if they adjust what data is shared for users, in particular children in other countries where laws may be different. If you know, please share. If you can share a few screenshots of what’s revealed contact me (I won’t share unless you explicitly say so).

Yes, I know this is my third Facebook related blog post in a week. I promise to go back to ignoring them soon enough, but the privacy implications of their applications is pretty interesting to say the least. This is especially true if online privacy and security have long interests of yours.

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