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Kernel Upgrade Fun

A few days ago I did a kernel upgrade from 2.6.24 to Surprisingly the load on the server has dropped slightly. The server is generally under minimal load, just the way I like it so a drop is particularly surprising. It was restarted just a few weeks prior, so I don’t think the restart […]

Making Websites Faster

I’ve always been somewhat of a fan of minimalism when it comes to websites. The way I figure it: Simpler + faster = better Lately I’ve become slightly obsessed with seeing how much I can tweak a website to perform faster. In this case it’s my password generator, which I built in 2006 and […]

Where Is The Asynchronous AdSense Google?

Anyone who cares about website performance comes to the quick realization that ads are a huge slow down. They are also the source of income for many websites. I somewhat casually mentioned back in December that Google was beta testing an async Google Analytics call. I found a bug in the early version but since […]

Facebook’s HipHop For PHP

I mentioned the other day that Facebook was about to open source a method for speeding up PHP. Today they announced HipHop a code transformation tool that converts PHP into C++ and compiles using g++. There is apparently a server component to this strategy as well. I’m slightly skeptical that this approach will have much […]