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Google Goes HTML5

I just noticed that Google is now serving it’s homepage with an HTML5 doctype:

< !doctype HTML>

I suspect this might have changed when they launched that new fade effect. I also noticed they are doing so when using the new YouTube “Feather” beta. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering their involvement in the HTML5 specs and developing a web browser and announcing it’s moving away from Google Gears.

Of course the pages don’t validate, and don’t really take advantage of much HTML5 features (that I’ve seen at least). But it’s a step in the right direction. With modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari becoming more popular it’s slowly becoming a reality.

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@Robert No, exactly they said, they expect developers to use rather HTML5 (which is logical), but they said nothing about their suppressing of Gears (alhough some people still reports, that they mean it).

Am I too cynic in thinking that they’re only using it because it’s the shortest doctype that triggers standards mode rendering?

@Ms2ger: Not really. My understanding is the reason why WHATWG choose it became the HTML5 doctype is because it’s the simplest doctype that triggers standards mode rendering.

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