8GB Memory Kit For 15″ MacBook Pro

I’ve bitched before about Apple’s 15″ MacBook Pro not having the matte screen option and not supporting 8GB RAM despite the 17″ supporting both features. According to Apple Insider there is now an 8GB kit is available for the 15″ (all but the 2.4GHz model). It costs an insane $1,200 while you can likely spec out a similar kit for about $600 elsewhere. Like I said earlier, the laptop’s NVIDIA chipset supports 8GB, no reason why Apple shouldn’t support it. Unsupported configurations suck as small changes later on could cause trouble. Apple has distributed firmware updates that tighten the specs on RAM before.

Still no matte display. Specs still list RAM cap as 4GB via 2x2GB. I’ll wait for the next revision. Given Snow Leopard approaching I presume they will want all models supporting at least 8GB soon enough so they can promote it’s supercomputing abilities.

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