Google Chrome Promoted On Homepage

Google Chrome Promoted On

Google is now promoting Google Chrome on it’s homepage. Just a few days after release. Previously Firefox 2.0 was promoted on the homepage, a privilege normally reserved for Google products. The text link is a bit more subtle though. Maybe that’s because it’s beta and not 2.0.

It’s being shown to Firefox Safari and IE users. Interestingly it’s being shown to Mac users in addition to Windows users, despite no Mac support as of yet.

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10 Responses to “Google Chrome Promoted On Homepage”

  1. børge says:

    It’s also showing on Linux.

  2. ‘It’s being shown to Firefox Safari and IE users.’
    Do you mean it’s shown to only these browsers (not Opera?) or you’re just counting the major three?

    Sadly I think it’s the end of a wonderful relationship with Google promoting Firefox, for something that doesn’t really improve the outlook for the Web (weren’t Mozilla, Webkit (Apple/Nokia/KDE etc) and Opera doing well already?)

  3. Robert says:

    @John Drinkwater: Those were the three I tested. Also didn’t test Linux, but @børge up above said it’s showing.

  4. voracity says:

    It also shows up in Chrome itself, so I assume they aren’t doing any browser sniffing.

  5. David Naylor says:

    “Sadly I think it’s the end of a wonderful relationship with Google promoting Firefox”

    They have only days ago renewed the contract for three more years. Chill man.

  6. Weren’t they incredibly stuck up on the number of words on the frontpage? So much, that they only wanted to put a link to their privacy statement on the homepage if they could remove another word (they ended up replacing the ‘Google’ in ©2008 – Google).

    How the hell did they find room for an entire sentence? ^^

  7. David Naylor says:

    They are obviously very serious about getting this thing out to the masses.

  8. Yes, the German version of the page has the link as well. They are very serious…

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