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How To Clone ePassports

How to clone ePassports (the ones that use RFID). Yet another piece of evidence that shows the technology is not ready for prime time. I’ve mentioned several times before what a failure RFID deployments in high security situations has been. This is just another example. [Via Bruce Schneier]


Pretty big news from the jQuery camp today. Both Microsoft and Nokia will be making it part of their development platforms. Extra interesting is that they aren’t forking, but utilizing the existing code under the same license, and will contribute and participate like everyone else. I’ve been using jQuery on sites for quite a while […]

What Is Money?

Here’s an amusing video from 1947 titled “What is Money?” Considering the economy right now, not a bad one to watch. [Hat tip: The Consumerist]

Mobile Browsing UI

It’s interesting to watch mobile web browsing UI develop. This is really the first time since web browsers existed that they have received a large overhaul. Sure things like tabs are “major”, but when you really look at it, Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox are all strikingly similar to the original Mosaic (this is 1.0 running […]


I also would love to see camera:// and <input type=”camera”> in HTML5. Thirding Daniel Glazman and Asa Dotzler. With the proliferation of user generated content from YouTube to video comments, making video easier to use in a more standardized way is better for the web. Considering the growth of online video, in particular user generated […]

The “gPhone”: T-Mobile G1

So the infamous Google Phone aka gPhone is finally out. The big news is that it is the first to run Android, which I shared my thoughts on a few months ago. Now that the press has been all over it, here are my observations: App Store The fact that there is no company (yet) […]

Death To SquirrelFish, Long Live SquirrelFish Extreme (SFX)

Looks like SquirrelFish is already “dead”. There’s now SquirrelFish Extreme (SFX). You can see some benchmark comparisons here. In the past few months, TraceMonkey, V8 and SquirrelFish. I suspect the next place is going to be improving DOM performance. At some point JS performance (in feel) is going to be limited by the ability to […]

Remote Controlled Door Lock

Lock maker Schlage announced it’s new LiNK lock. Essentially you can control your lock via a website which communicates with your locks via wireless connection to a base station you keep in your home (included in the kit). One could say this is an extension of a garage door opener, but in many aspects it’s […]

Flight Attendants Ask American To Block Porn

Flight Attendants have asked American to block porn via internet access offered on board the aircraft. Of course this is pretty laughable if you really think about it. Anyone who is willing to view porn on a full airplane likely has enough on their hard drive, and several DVD’s that will last the entire flight. […]

Google Mail Fail

Found an interesting header when doing some tests with mail filtering: Received: from ([]) by with ESMTP id k29si2692710qba.7.2008.; Sat, 06 Sep 2008 14:48:06 -0700 (PDT) Received-SPF: softfail ( domain of transitioning does not designate as permitted sender) client-ip=; Authentication-Results:; spf=softfail ( domain of transitioning does not designate […]