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OMG It’s Yellow And Other Crowd Mentality

Reading the iPhone 3G release coverage has been quite fun. From some of the coverage you’d think I’m the last to holdout with a 2 year old LG. Some of it has been pretty amusing. It took no time at all for people to see the iPhone 3G’s screen is a little different, and in […]

Google Open Sources Browser Sync

Google decided to open source it’s no longer supported browser sync extension. You can find the Google Code project here. The other major extension in this category is Mozilla Weave. I’m not sure what (if any) functionality might be gained by combining efforts, though I’ve seen some suggestions around the web to that effort. Anyone […]

Bank Of America To Support Firefox

It’s always good to read about sites that are updating to add support for Firefox. It’s about time. I’m sure BOA customers are glad to see their annoyance is finally going to get fixed.

Rumor Starter: Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is starting Apple rumors again. I’m betting it’s not an iPhone or Apple TV since he says a as opposed to an. So who wants to pay Mad Libs? Feel free to leave a comment with your guess.

Google Releases Protocol Buffers

Google today released Protocol Buffers. Protocol Buffers is their “language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data”. In general it’s pretty interesting stuff, and looking over the docs, seems pretty well thought out. I agree XML is bulky and wasteful for the task. There’s a reason why many web developers prefer JSON rather than actual […]

Gmail’s Remote Signout And Logging

Google has recently upped their profile in regards to security and privacy. Last week Google made the subtle change of adding a privacy link to the homepage. This is common on most sites, but avoided by Google because they are very strict about cluttering their homepage. Privacy groups have wanted this for years, so this […]

Man Busted for “Octopus Porn”

A few years ago I ran across an amusing story that described Octopus reproduction, years later, that blog post brings up a decent amount of traffic (as well as some bizarre search queries). For those who find the idea of octopus porn amusing, you’ll enjoy this one from The Sun. He also got busted for […]

AVG Wastes Bandwidth

AVG really needs to fix their “LinkScanner” product. It essentially scans pages for links and pre-downloads them to check for malware. If that doesn’t sound so bad, then your obviously not paying for bandwidth or trying to keep your server load manageable. Essentially it means more traffic pegging servers and downloading pages, but most of […]

Killing IE 6

Apple’s MobileMe will not support IE 6. Per an email to subscribers: To use the new web applications, make sure you have one of these browsers: Safari 3, Internet Explorer 7, or Firefox 2 or later. 37signals is now doing the same, and will be dropping IE 6 support. For most things that I’m in […]

World Record

Congrats to everyone involved. It’s now a world record. The magic number is 8,002,530. Even after the first 24 hours, the downloads keep coming. 3.0 is one hell of a good release.