OMG It’s Yellow And Other Crowd Mentality

Reading the iPhone 3G release coverage has been quite fun. From some of the coverage you’d think I’m the last to holdout with a 2 year old LG. Some of it has been pretty amusing.

It took no time at all for people to see the iPhone 3G’s screen is a little different, and in comparison to the original iPhone has a slightly warmer (perceived as yellow) color. This immediately started quite a bit of conversation around the web.

The reality is that the screen is now warmer intentionally, which should look more natural to people. There’s some tests date here. There are slight variations in the data since every LCD screen is different, even if from the same manufacturer. Apple used more than one brand for the original iPhone (see table here), and I’d presume they are doing the same for the 3G. As I recall the LG displays were slightly brighter than the Samsung’s in Thinkpad T4x laptops.

The problem with high profile releases such as the iPhone, major redesigns and relaunches of popular websites, or any large technical release of hardware/software is that people over-analyze, and jump to conclusions without really thinking about what’s going on here. It took about 2 seconds before the first people realized the display change on the iPhone is likely a feature not a defect, but it will take months for people to get over it. People tend to nitpick the hell out of a popular product after the release. Most of it being somewhat irrational. 9/10 people would have never noticed the screen’s change had someone not done a comparison and posted pictures. This lead to “The Sky Is Falling” mentality.

Besides for that, there was the failure of the activation servers which made world headlines. It wasn’t really a shock as most who have observed this stuff know that Apple’s infrastructure tends to be pretty vulnerable to this type of thing (just look at’s initial launch hiccups). If your adoption on the first day, get ready for this stuff. It’s part of the package.

Another amusing thing is how many expected to see faster web browsing when not in a 3G area. If your not in a major metropolitan area, your likely not in 3G land. As a result, you should likely just upgrade the firmware and enjoy your existing phone. 3G will mean nothing to you. If your in a major city, and have 3G, you’ll enjoy the speed.

Watching product launches is always fun. So when is the 3rd Generation iPhone launching?

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