Bank Of America To Support Firefox

It’s always good to read about sites that are updating to add support for Firefox. It’s about time. I’m sure BOA customers are glad to see their annoyance is finally going to get fixed.

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BOA has mangled their ONLINE BANKING website to the point where it is totally & utterly useless for one who actually expects to *use* it in a meaningful manner (IMHO of course).

It used to be just fine. Now they limit you in every way imaginable.

Their usage of JavaScript is horrendous.

Now their BILL PAY website is just fine (with one slight exception).

PS: I have no problem loading either site in SeaMonkey (aka Mozilla Suite) which some of the Reporter links allude to. Just loaded OLB & BP in FF3 too, which some have reported problems with. So in that respect I don’t know what some of the Reports are talking about?

Functionality of the OLB site is the issue I have, & it matters not which browser you use.

The pages physically work & load, I have no problem with that.

Functionality, actually being able to USE the site in an effective manner is in the toilet.
The page layout of OLB is terrible. (It didn’t used to be.)
JavaScript slows things down considerably. Perhaps not too noticeable on an 6MB cable connection, but try it on dial-up.

I have MANY accounts, I have MANY companies I deal with, all going through OLB & BP.

I like to use windows/tabs to my benefit. I like to have good overview of EVERYTHING that is going on pertaining to my accounts.

What I would normally do (in the old days when it worked) would be …

Log in (something I have never had problems doing).
I’m now in the accounts overview screen. Shows each of my 7 accounts, & their balances.
Open each account up into a separate tab.

Now I have 8 tabs open, account overview, & 7 individual account detail screens.

Now I want to view a check that cleared, boom, open that into yet another tab.

I want to transfer money. Yet another tab.

Having everything open & available to me at once (simply by changing back & forth through tabs) is an easy & efficient way for me to understand ALL the aspects of my accounts & how one account is relating to another. Further in this manner it makes it very easy for me to catch any mistakes may have been made. I can follow the flow of transactions between accounts. It gives me a very good understanding of whats going on.

BoA used to work this way. It was effective & provided necessary informations to me.

You can no longer do any of this in an effective manner. OLB simply SUCKS.

The latest change that BoA has affected …

Log in.
Accounts overview displays.
Open *1* account in a tab (which you actually can do).
Now open Bill Pay in a tab (which you can /usually/ do).

Now, go back to Accounts Overview & open an account into a tab.
A blank page opens.
Open Transfers into a tab.
A blank page opens.
Refresh that *1* account tab that you opened early on.
A blank page opens.

You get the idea. Most all of OLB is borked at that point.

Likely has something to do with cookies?

And this is something new. Changes with the past 10 days. And that is good. And that is better. :rolleyes:

(Actually I see it has changed slightly again. Appears you are able to refresh Accounts Overview & regain /some/ of the lost functionality. I’d need to explore more.)


Again, I have no problems with the way Bill Pay functions. Bill Pay is very, very good. Effective, efficient, a great benefit to both me & the bank.

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