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Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny, the new open movie made using Blender is out. It’s rather good, and impressive when you realize it’s made with open source products, meaning the only barrier to making one yourself (assuming you’ve got a rendering farm, or the patience to let your workstation churn out the pixels) is your skills. You can download it from the website (h.264 available) or watch on YouTube. I’d recommend the download so you can appreciate the HD quality. Some more screenshots can be found on Wikimedia Commons.

The first open movie was Elephants Dream back in 2007. Elephants dream used proprietary audio software. As far as I can tell, Big Buck Bunny didn’t.

Between the two I think I like Elephants Dream more. It was a little darker, but struck me as a little more entertaining. That’s my personal opinion though. It will be interesting to see what the next one is.

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Actually big buck bunny’s soundtrack was done by jan morgenson, just like ED. There really are not any good synth/sequencer OSS apps around (certainly not any that are production usable) so you really have to use proprietary.

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