ANSI Color In Mac OS X 10.4

By default when connecting over ssh to my Mac OS X 10.4 box (using bash shell), there’s no ANSI color. Sometimes it’s pretty handy to have. I keep forgetting how to turn it on.

To add, put the following in the .profile file in your home directory:

TERM=xterm-color; export TERM

Now when I ssh in, I get ANSI color goodness.

Hopefully next time I’ll just look for this post.

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3 Responses to “ANSI Color In Mac OS X 10.4”

  1. You can also set this in your settings. On 10.4 it’s Terminal -> window preferences if I remember corectly.

  2. Link those config files to a directory in your public_html space (and leave that dir browsable), then they’re easier to find than digging through blog archives … would like to find programs that start loading my preferences (and saving them) up like this over the wire.

    Cool new blog layout.

  3. Robert says:

    @Scott Fitchet: The nice thing about using a blog entry is that it’s indexed by search engines, and worded in my own words. So next time I wonder how to do this… it will likely be in the first 5 results of my search.

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