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Southpark last week featured an internet outage as a plot. Pretty clever though I was disappointed to not see 1 reference to the series of tubes. I’m not sure if the reference to Linksys (Cisco) being responsible for the Internet being down was a complement or an insult. Though those Linksys boxes are infamous with just dying like that until you power cycle. Any other brand seems to have figured out how to not have that issue. Linux firmware on a Linksys also seems to remedy it. References to “Independence Day” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” were clever.

You can watch it online by clicking on the screen grab.

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I have had to buy several routers in my broadband days, I have yet to find one that doesn’t need to be recycled every once and a while.

I have had several LinkSys and NetGear routers, all have had to be replaced due to some goofy problem that caused them to lose their connection to my cable modem. I’m currently using a NetGear WPN824v2. It’s starting to act fishy, but is currently still functioning OK.

My next router is going to be an Apple AirPort. It’s quite possible that it will have issues too, but I’m sick of having to buy routers ever year or two so I’m going to give Apple a chance to either shine or fail. :shrug:

@Dave M: I had a Linksys as well… needed a reboot every few days to fix a dropped connection, or just because of high load.

Had a Netgear for years with no issue. I think I restarted it mostly for firmware upgrades, or an occasional print server jam.

Apple’s Airport Extreme is pretty nice. I think if I upgraded today, it would be my choice. It’s not the fastest, but it seems to be the only 802.11n device with gigabit ethernet, SNMP support and firmware that isn’t known to be very buggy. Only disadvantage I really know of is that it doesn’t run a Linux firmware (but the firmware it has is pretty well supported), and can’t be used as a VPN endpoint (which I’d really like to have). Other than that, it seems pretty solid. Print server also makes it a pretty good choice.

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