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Google released the API for contacts. How long before someone comes up with a Thunderbird plugin to sync up with it? Any takers?

I’d love to know why they decided the API route, rather than use LDAP. It can be secured using TLS, and require a bind DN and bind password. If they did it that way, most email clients would be compatible right out of the gate.

There’s also Google Calendar Sync, but only supports Outlook. Still no CalDAV.

I’m slightly disappointed, but at least with an API thinks are workable. Standards would still be best.

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Microsoft dropped its Web3S craziness, and is also using an AtomPub-based format. Some crazy people are working on ContactDAV, despite the fact GroupDAV already exists for DAV-based contacts. For webapps, I reckon LDIF would be the way to go, as it’s not that hard to parse.

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