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Mike Kaply pointed out a blog post on customizing reporter.

For the record most changes can be made without actually touching code, simply by including the correct preferences. This is done intentionally so that upgrading later on doesn’t involve complicated merging of your changes into an updated code base.

To point reporter to an intranet server, the pref you need to use is:


To show a custom privacy policy, just point this preference to the page of your choice:


Or to not show it all, just default this pref to true:


For Firefox 3.0 it will no longer use SOAP, instead it will use xmlHttpRequest since SOAP support won’t ship in Firefox 3.0. It’s also easier to implement on the server side.

At one point I half-implemented a proxy service that once installed would capture reports sent to it that matched a given list of hosts, and forwarded all the rest to reporter. Theoretically it would be even easier these days.

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Hi Robert,

I def agree that if an internal RESTful service (like this proxy you mention) is set up to simply accept data from Reporter Extension and then pipe out to “whatever”, not only is it a better architectural decision but it really does simplify customisation of the extension to a few pref tweaks.

Another preference worth exposing is the email vs username input field. I don’t really want to ask internal users to retype their full email when I can just map their username…

Why don’t Kaply, you and I work through this “delegate” service and post to the wiki? Cheers.

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