Thunderbird In Crisis? No

There’s some FUD going around that Thunderbird is in crisis (is Slashdot going to morph into a tabloid?). This is a bit over the top. Yes it’s true Scott and David announced they are leaving and moving on to something else. It’s a slightly different setup than was used for Firefox, but it’s just as promising. I’ve got confidence to say things will continue. There will be a transition period (just like there was when the Mozilla Foundation was formed). Different doesn’t mean something is dead. Remember the Netscape layoffs and the Death of Mozilla? Didn’t really harm the project. I’d say it helped. I won’t say anything more on the topic for the moment.

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Didn’t harm the project?
Well, mail and news development came almost to a halt, Firefox morphed into a flavour-of-the month pretty GUI, the suite was abandoned, and all the support facilities were depopulated.
Apart from that.. no not at all…

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