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DEMOfall 07 Browser/OS Statistics

Stephen Wildstrom did a little survey of demo machines at DEMOfall 07. 81% Windows, 19% Mac. He says that’s growth, and I’m not shocked to hear that. He also did a survey of browsers and found all Mac’s use Firefox over Safari, and makes a reference to it’s skin (an interesting observation considering the current discussion over reskinning the browser for 3.0). Firefox did decent on the Windows front as well. I’ve noticed this myself. People seem to prefer demoing their web based product in Firefox. Is it out of habit? Or because some ajax based websites feel slower in IE7?

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Nah, it’s probably because it’s much easier to develop in Firefox (<3 Firebug) and therefore less likely to break in it. 🙂

The engineers typically tell the salespeople “yeah, we tested mostly in firefox ’cause it’s what we use in development”. Firebug is the biggest driver for Firefox-friendly web content that I’ve ever seen.

I would agree with the above statements. Speaking as a developer that works at a company that has demoed in the past – we recommended using Firefox too. For us, the code being demoed was so bleeding edge we didn’t time to test in anything else.

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