iPod touch 2nd Generation?

There’s been a storm of news about the new iPod lineup, and of course the iPhone price drop (and refund). Some interesting things have been said. I think Gizmodo has put it best. “iPod Overload Offers Up Hard Choices, No Clear Winning Device“. Between expense, poor provider (AT&T), lack of 3G, and being new, people are hesitant to move to the iPhone. Price and a mere 16GB is keeping people away from the iPod touch. The Classic and Nano feel pretty outdated for what they cost. The shuffle could put you to sleep.

Gizmodo’s title is pretty accurate, because it illustrates the problem with this lineup. There’s no easy choice, just a lot of concessions for most people. I’m guessing a few things will change in the first half of ’08

  • iPhone will become 3G – This will most likely happen at some point in the first half of the year. With more storage as well. Little else in the realm of features.
  • iPhone price will drop more – Yes that’s right. The mobile business drops prices constantly. If they don’t drop on a routine basis it will be cannibalized overnight. Remember the Motorola RAZR started around $500, but is now normally around $299 and after rebates hits $50. To help with this, they may move to a more traditional rebate based purchasing system like most other cell phone manufacturers.
  • iPod touch 8GB discontinued, 20GB or 30GB likely – The demise of the 8GB iPod touch could happen by the end of 2007 by quietly stop production and just make it “out of stock”. I’m guessing there will be a lack of consumer interest in that model. Again I see a rush to get these to market. 30GB seems to be the magic number that most want to see them reach. The question is can they do it price wise and soon. My guess is they want to keep the price below that of the iPhone, meaning they need to cram the extra storage in at a negligible price. It’s possible but highly unlikely a storage boost could happen just before the holidays (read: November and max 24GB) but somewhat unlikely. I’m guessing either: January or Springtime product line refresh. Not to much in terms of features, but Bluetooth is possible for wireless accessories and make it more consistent as a platform with the iPhone.
  • Line consolidation – There’s quite a few products out there. Don’t be too shocked if the shuffle and nano merge into one device to simplify choice. This might wait until the 2nd half of 08 though.

I’ll expand on one thing: iPod touch Bluetooth. I think it’s highly likely that it will be added in (if it’s not there already and waiting for a software update to be activated). There are a few Bluetooth profiles that would be of interest to Apple to implement on the iPod touch:

  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) – It’s missing in Mac OS X 10.4, but is included in upcoming 10.5. Think wireless headphones. That’s right. What would be important here is for Apple to cram a decent power scheme into a small package, but Bluetooth headsets do a decent job at a lower cost than Apple would ever offer so it’s possible. Another major use is to use other devices for audio out without a physical link such as a stereo.
  • Video Distribution Profile (VDP) – Stream video to a device. Why would you want to do that? Well there are several possibilities. For example to hookup to a TV and watch a video without actually using cabling each time. Another use is so Apple can mark a small “trailer” portion of the video you purchase on iTunes and make it available for sharing. So you can effectively “share” (*cough* advertise *cough*) videos for them.
  • Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) – You can hook it up to a TV/Stereo, but can you remotely control your iPod/iPhone? With AVRCP you can.
  • Human Interface Device Profile (HID) – Think wireless keyboard, remotes, etc. Accessory manufacturers will dig it.
  • Object Push Profile (OPP) – Think of this as a tie in to social networking. Share calendar events, address cards, etc.
  • Basic Imaging Profile (BIP) – This would basically give the device the ability to share and sync photos. The most likely way you’d see it implemented is if Apple could line up a few camera manufacturers to support it, so you could download photos from your camera directly to your iPod. Then sync up with your computer when you get back.

The iPhone’s Bluetooth support thus far is lacking at best. However there is one more obscure Bluetooth profile that nobody really talks about that would rock to support:

Cordless Telephony Profile (CTP)
CTP defines how a cordless phone can be implemented over a Bluetooth wireless link. This profile can be used for either a dedicated cordless phone or a mobile phone that acts as a cordless phone when in proximity to a base station implementing the CTP. It is anticipated that mobile phones could use a Bluetooth CTP gateway connected to a landline when within the home, and the mobile phone network when out of range. CTP is central to the Bluetooth technology ‘3-in-1 phone’ use case.

That’s right. Apple could come up with an phone adapter you put by your desk that would let you use your iPhone over your landline when your close to your desk, but when your away you’d use your wireless plan. Would be perfect for office use, or for people whose homes don’t have the greatest wireless reception.

Of course if they just had VoIP with someone like Skype, that wouldn’t be necessary since you could just use WiFi.

I’m still hoping they open up the device to developers. Especially since developers will get in regardless of their efforts to prevent it, might as well help make better software and a better experience for users.

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Are they really planning to get a 20 gig Touch? Even a 30 gig?

I’m already getting the 8 gig, does Apple have any type of trade in/discount if I have the 8 gig Touch, and then the 20 gig comes out, will I be able to trade it in with a discount? Or no?

I doubt you are able to get a decent trade in from apple, but you can sell it to someone else yourself. Just try to avoid acratches, because I know there aren’t cases really out for the new generation of models of ipod.

What’s really stopping me from getting a touch now is the lack of ability to edit my calendar and contacts like the iPhone. As cool as the iPhone is, I don’t see myself ever getting one because I like my devices seperate.

I’d like to see the touch become more of an iPod/Newton or PDA type device. Add a camera and I’ll order one ASAP.

Steve? Are you reading this? Thanks πŸ™‚

I have an ipod classic (and have owned several since the click wheel was instituted), but i’m waiting until an ipod touch with a bigger memory capacity comes out. 16 GB isn’t worth my time. My 30gb is full with about 5,000 songs, so i’m not interested in getting a 3, 500 song device that will ultimately only hold 2,000 songs.

well, i hope an 80 gig touch will come out, since i have used up most of my 30 gig ipod and want one with more space. if the touch wont grow with memory, i will have to get a classic with more space

i don’t know which one to get. i’ve got enough money to buy the 16 gig touch but i don’t know if i should get a classic instead. all my photos, videos and music only takes up 11 gigs.

any advice anyone?

The 30GB model may be introduced early 2008 maybe in spring, but you never know, with new models there would be faults, so its best to buy it a couple of months after its released. For example the wii controller strip wasn’t thick enough and caused many accidents

If and when apple make the touch bigger, it probs wont be till sept 08, as thats the pattern it usually follows

remember, larger memory= Hard drive= quickly drained battery

Hey, torquil

that is not necessarily the case. you dont need a hard drive to have larger memory. there are many companies that are getting more advanced with flash memory. IM sure there wont be a problem with batter life.

Although I would sacrifice some thickness for battery life.

I have an ipod nano 2nd gen. and i want a touch. I don’t think I’m gonna have a problem with space. My question is if i should get one for christmas or wait til a next one comes out with new cool features and bluetooth. Again i don’t care about the space (16GB is plenty for me), just features.

I’m waiting for Speech Recognition to be implimented. So there will be no more scrolling through menus, searching for the song I want. I just want to speak the name of the song and let it play. Very useful when driving (where I use the MP3 player the most). I know this feature is just around the corner, but I’ll probably have to wait until 2009. That’s just the way they do it. (They have the technology now to impliment voice recognition, but they are holding back in order to sell to all those who will buy without that feature. Just plain old Apple Marketing techniques.)

the ipod touch is fine the way it is. they cant add cameras, music sharing, extra storage, etc. without raising the price. it’s the first one with WiFi internet and all the features with apps and touch screen. they had to lower the memory because they added in all of those new features. if they had more memory, they’d be around $600. if you want more memory, just go with the classic. most people are getting the touch because of the newer (cooler) features and dont care for all of that memory. i have a 30 gig iPod Video and i only have 2 gigs on there and i dont need those 28 extra gigs. thats why i;m getting the touch.

i have a 30GB 5th gen. ipod, and i only have like, 3500 songs, which is JUST over 16 GB, and i was wondering, is it worth it to spend 100 dollars more(i think thats wat it costs IM not sure) for a Touch or should i wait until the 30G comes out(if so) so that way i will ensure i will have enough space?(because i know IM gonna put more music on as i download more).

and one more question. I was looking at sum pics of the new ipods and i saw one that was full touch screen, like from top to bottom. I thought it was a Touch, but then i looked at a photo of a Touch and it looked nothing like it. What i saw was all touch screen, and it was a flip-view and it said it was 180GB and all. so i was jw if u knew n e thing about that.

thnx πŸ˜€

and also, i forgot to add. The 180GB thing i saw also had wireless earbuds and wireless internet. if you want, go to and type in the search bar “new ipod”. then the second picture will show you what i’m talking about, and then instead of clicking on the picture, look at the website underneath and it will show you the thing i was walking about

k thnx πŸ™‚

You do realize, Mike, that that is a mock up and was created back in 2006. I reckon by January/February (possibly at this mac expo in Jan) they will update to 16GB/32GB ipod touches, with slightly better OS (more Leopard looking) and Bluetooth with at least more Bluetooth profiles than the iPhone’s single A2DP profile…

My opinion is that it’s unlikely on the bluetooth. iphone sales would have a big bite taken out of their already minor market share, because the addition of a wireless microphone headset and a hacked VOIP or skype program would mean free calling.
Granted, you would need to remain within a wireless network, but with the steadily oncoming blanket WIFI, that would become a minor issue.

@Matt ” have a 30 gig iPod Video and i only have 2 gigs on there and i dont need those 28 extra gigs. thats why i;m getting the touch.”

That was exactly my scenario, only I had *1* gig on my 30g ipod video. Soo, i went with the 8gig ipod touch thinking I would not use much memory, and I deeply deeply regret it. I have had it only 2 days, and have now used half the memory. Wishing I got the 16gig instead but somehow I feel even that would not suffice.

The itouch is so much fun I really enjoy watching videos on it, but 8gig just is not enough. It was a mistake to compare it to my 30gig by saying “Well I only used 1 gig out of that so 8gig ipod touch is fine”..when in reality, 1 out of 30, is a BIG difference from, 1 out of 8….

Apple is going to have to add more storage space for this thing to really take off.

iPod Touch 30 gig lets see..-Not Gonna Happen

Nobody is gonna pay a huge amount for a 30 gig if the 8 gig is even $300.
The 8g is pretty much good enough. The size matters on the iPod also and the iPod Touch uses flash for memory.

What the iPod should have next gen IS a cemra and blue tooth

I can’t believe all the people who such low amount of memory they either use or think they would need to have. Man, if you only have 2 gigs of music on your IPOD, I would have to question if you really even need an ipod. Just a portable fm radio with headphones would probably work better for you and only cost about 30 bucks.,,, I can’t imagine not having at least 30 gigs of memory for songs, if I was gonna carry video as well I would need at least 50 gigs of memory. So until the Itouch gets up to at least that amount of memory users like me will continue to rely upon the classic with 80 gigs or better yet the 160gig model. I really like the display size on the touch better, but just not willing to sacrafice how much music and video I can carry with me. The Zen W has worked well for me as well, except it is just a bit to thick to use as a walk around portable device. It does work well for traveling, especially while on the plane. 30 gigs of music and video with a great display is perfect for while on the plane with a long flight duration. I’d probably get an itouch to replace the zen if the Itouch had at least 30 gigs. For now the combination of uses with the Zen and classic Ipod are the best solution for my variety of needs. It would be so great if my needs could be combined to a unit with more storage,
great 16:9 display, and exceptionally thin. Am I picky, no not really. This pretty much the consensus among my peers and other people i talk with when I am traveling around.

oh yeah , I didn’t even touch on including photos. I work as a photographer and would need to have way more than 16 gigs if I wanted to start doing file transfers while on shoot, then resyning with the computer when i get home. For now I am forced to schlep a Mac book with me just to do quick on site downloads for the client to view. This is just for a quick review with no editing or anything. It would be really sweet to use a device as small as the Itouch. Cutting down on any weight of equipment is something I am always thinking about when I am setting up for a shoot out of the studio and on site somewhere else. I guess what i really want is an Itouch that is still very thin, with at least 160 gigs. Yeah I guess some people call me a dreamer. Thats what they said years ago when I outlined what my music/video/photo needs were years and years ago and needless to say that many of them have come home to roost. Just a few more pigeons need to return for me to be totally satisfied in meeting what i need/want.

well i hope they make a 2nd gen touch but right now they have a 32GB and i have the 8GB so if they discontinue it in like 7 years wil the 8GB be a collectable??

I believe the 2nd generation ipod touch will come out this fall 2008 or around winter 2008 with a camera, built in speaker, and probably more memory and that would make apple make even more money than usual.

there wil not be a 20 gig touch
they use flash memory, next will be 32, then 64, then 108 and so on

I would definelty get the ipod touch if it had speakers, bluetooth out of the box and video out. Yea and like u guys said 30 gigs is what IM waiting to hear. May be the second gen might even have a wireless (802.11 n) aswell!!

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