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Dear Google,

Every time I want to add a feed to Google Reader using Firefox, I am sent to a page that prompts me to decide if I want to use my Google Homepage or Google Reader. I have over 200 feeds in my reader, and hence have been asked over 200 times about this critical decision. It’s annoying and just a pain in the butt. It would be great if you can just remember my preference and get out of my face. Should I reconsider this option, I will promptly visit the account page and update my preference so that I am prompted repeatedly.

Robert Accettura

P.S: I’m still waiting for a Google Phone, so I can compare it to the iPhone.

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Change the pref “browser.contentHandlers.types.2.uri” to “” and re-select Google Reader in the options window. This will open the feed in Google Reader – however, you still have to click a button to actually subscribe 🙁

Agreed. That page irritates me too. If Google worked so closely with Mozilla on Firefox, why hasn’t that issue been sorted?!? It would be as simple as moving the option into Firefox. I already specified that I wanted to add it to Google Reader within Firefox, so why am I being asked again!!!

Seems weird there is no solution to this, Firefox should have seperate choices for Google Reader and Google Homepage and then Google should listen to the choice and not ask every single time!

It’s actually a localization issue, google reader isn’t available in all that many languages, which the customized page is.

As Jens pointed out, it’s not that hard to fix yourself, once you know how.

You may want to look at the PRD if changing this is supposed to get easier in FX3.

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