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Firefox Tip: Don’t Let Websites Resize Your Browser Window

Have a favorite website that still thinks its 1999? Resizes your browser window into a small awkward space? It can be annoying. You have that big display, and you should be able to use it. Thankfully you can prevent this. Just go into Tools-> Options and select the “Content” tab. Then click on the “Advanced” button across from “Enable JavaScript”. Uncheck the “Move or resize existing windows” checkbox. Now you don’t have to deal with this.

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This is excellent, you’re right I keep running into many sites that resize huge and then show nearly no content or resize tiny and then I can’t tab back to my email.

does anyone have a really great article link they can share on this topic? we are building a website for a traditional design agency and they are really stuck on having us force the user’s browser to resize. we have tried to talk them out of this, but they seem to think it would compromise thier beautiful design (that BTW was toally designed like a print ad – yay!)

After my last Firefox update the face of of my Firefox screen had completely changed. An aggressive ad by a firm or product called ‘babylon’ has taken possession of my screen. All efforts to remove it failed. None of Firefox’s facilities (like the reading mark menue) can be used anymore.
Can someone help me to restore my original Firefox?
I hope my English was good enough to explain the setup. (By the way, ‘reading mark menue’ is my literal translation of the German ‘Lesezeichen Menü.)

Only problem is”

After accessing “Content” tab… THERE IS NO “Advanced” button across from “Enable JavaScript”.

So what is the point of placing this information when your instructions have not been tested?

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