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Firefox Tip: Organizing Deleting Bookmarks

Want to delete a bookmark you don’t want anymore? Just right click on the bookmark you don’t want and select delete. This works even in the bookmarks menu.

Want to organize your bookmarks? Put them into subdirectories for efficiency? Go to the “Bookmarks” menu and select “Organize Bookmarks”. From there you can drag/drop to organize them all you want. Consider subdirectories if you have a lot of bookmarks to keep the list easy to navigate.

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“This works even in the bookmarks menu.”

That’s not actually true on Mac. At least, I don’t think it is. 🙂

I use Firefox in Windows XP. I can organise my bookmarks but the organisation isn’t reflected in the drop down Bookmarks menu.

How do I get the organised version to show on the drop down menu?


I upgraded my Firefox yesterday and all my favorites are gone–it had every website with passwords.
Do you know how to get them back?

To get your bookmarks organized on the drop-down menu, right click on any folder and then select Sort by Name. Your folders will be in alphabetical order. Hope this is what you were looking for.

Good luck!


I can create subfolders in the bookmark list, but they won’t take any content. Copying, dropping, moving –nothing works.

Besides that, when you try to move a bookmark to the top of a long list,
the list won’t roll up.

Somethings are very annoying.

I’ve got Firefox 2.

I WANT to delete ALL of my bookmarks from Firefox. (at once)

I can’t find anyone who can tell me how.

Everything I’ve found tells me how to KEEP my bookmarks when what I want is to get rid of the damn things! lol. =/

The few articles that claim to tell me how to get rid of them either tell me how to delete one at a time (DUH! -.-) or the techniques just plain don’t work.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and even that didn’t work.

The bookmarks came right back with the new install!

I wonder what Kate did to get rid of all of hers so that I can do it!

Sorry you lost yours though, Kate, since you actually wanted them.

Anybody know how to do this??

Simply? and in English not computerese?


After I delete a bookmark and then restart firefox….IT COMES BACK.
Every time I bookmark a site and then restart firefox…ITS NOT THERE!


go to organize bookmarks in firefox 3, click on one bookmark, press and hold SHIFT key, scroll by mouse in the folder till you get to last bookmark you want to delete, click on that bookmark ; in this way many bookmarks will be selected .. now right click there and in the menu that appears , click on delete ; all the selected bookmarks will be deleted

you can also go to your profile folder and delete bookmark files from there

I have the same problem as Lily and it’s quite annoying.
I’ve tried everything and nothing will keep them gone.

me tooo! it stopped saving and deleting like it used to a few weeks ago. i am doing all the same things they rec above that used to work before and now they dont. wtf. will someone please offer up alternative solutions?

I have Firefox 16.0.2 and I’m not really sure what to do. My brother is autistic and so he bookmarked a buttload of videos….I’ve been trying lots of peoples’ suggestions but none have worked. Any ideas peeps?

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