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Firefox Tip: What Does That Mean?

Ever read something online and wonder what that means? For example say I mention “Romulus and Remus”. Do you know who they are? If not, just select their names by highlighting them, then right click while they are highlighted. In the menu you will see the ability to search for them using Google (or your search engine of choice). Select that and you will see a list of search results for them. No need to open a new window and type their names in. Just another way to help you get the information you want quickly and easily.

This is a great tip for kids doing research on the web.

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It is a great tip. I tend to like dragging the text onto my New Tab button. That works a little quicker for me since it does an I’m Feeling Lucky Search, and the motion seems a little more natural.

The option shown in the context menu reflects the currently selected search-engine. So if its set to Wikipedia (e.g.), the content menu entry will be “Search for Romulus and Remus on Wikipedia” instead.

Also worth mentioning is the Context-Search Extension ( . This replaces this context-menu entry with a sub-menu so that you can search against of the search-engines registered (even when it is not the currently selected one).

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