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Firefox Tip: Remove Addons

So you know about addons aka extensions/themes and tried them. You may have found one you no longer want or need. You can either disable or completely uninstall them easily. Just go to the “Tools” menu and select “Addons”. From there browse to the one you no longer want, click on it and press the “Disable” or “Uninstall” button.

I’ve seen complaints that it doesn’t appear in “Add Programs” on Windows. That’s because it’s not installed on Windows, but in Firefox. Uninstalls are still easy and painless.

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Good tip. I haven’t gone through and done that since I installed FF2 back when it came out a while ago. Every once in a while I’ll install something and then just not use it for one reason or another.

Hi – thanks for this. I was googling “removing add-ons on firefox” and yours came up. Unfortunately, these steps don’t seem to be working for me. Do you know of any other way of removing add-ons on firefox?

dont work for me either, keeps saying they will be removed when firefox is restarted. Well I have restarted it many times and it always goes back to the previous condition, everytime I check, I have to hit the same buttons again to no avail.

I have deleted the browser and the cache folder and everything else “mozilla” or Firefox I could find- still when I re-download it they all come back

worked for me when you uninstall don’t click cancel just exit by pressing ok or cross box then restart Firefox, should now work. good luck.

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