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Firefox Tip: Oops, Wrong Tab

Close a tab by accident? Don’t fret, you can recover. Just go to the History menu and select “Recent Tabs” from there select the tab you wanted. Instant restoration! You should still be careful before closing tabs, just in case. You can also use the key combo: Command-Shift-T.

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It would help if the undo closed tab actually worked. 50% of the time I need to use it, the page I just closed isn’t actually listed.

Just a small test for you: go to Google, search for ‘test’ and open the say, first 15 search results. Then ctrl-tab to the first result, and close the tabs sequentially by using alt-F4 (the next tab is selected each time). Then try to look undo the closing of the last tab. It’s not in the list. And the tab you closed FIRST is on top of the list, while it should have dropped off the list.

p.s. a ‘Command’ key? I think that’s a Mac-specific key or something, because I don’t know it.

Unfortunately, my ctrl-shift-T was hijacked by the Web Developer toolbar. Is there a way to redefine keyboard shortcuts?

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