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Third Party iPhone Apps To Come?

Things are looking up for the possibility of third party iPhone apps. This has so many possibilities. I really hope they can make it a reality. It sounds like they are actively working on it, which is great to hear.

Google Street Views

Google enhanced it’s maps service by offering “street views”. Currently it’s only available in certain cities. Regardless it’s pretty cool. They appear as flash objects in those popup bubbles that Google Maps uses. you can drag and move around from within them as well similar to that of QuickTime VR. I decided to take a […]

Webware 100

Vote Firefox for the Webware 100. Tell your friends.

Google Trends

Google launched a top 100 trends feature. The feature is pretty cool. According to Google there will be some filtering: Hot Trends aren’t the search terms people look for most often — those are pretty predictable, like [weather] or [games] or perhaps [myspace]. Yes, [sex] too. Instead, the Hot Trends algorithm analyzes millions of searches […]

Firefox Tip: Delete One Item From History

Do you want to delete one item from your browsing history? Say that splash page, or misspelled site that you keep visiting when ever you type a url with a similar name because you type to quickly? Gogle instead of Google? It happens. Just select it by entering the partial name in the url bar, […]

Al Gore’s Office

Minus all the papers, Al Gore has a really nice office. What a beautiful array of Apple Cinema Displays. If only he would hire someone to scan in his papers, or get a filing cabinet 😉 .

EV SSL Support in Firefox 2.0

Many by now has heard about Extended Validation (EV) Certificates. This technology lets sites that meet a higher standard of verification appear differently in a browser (typically with a green background behind the url). IE 7 has supported this technology, and Firefox has been planning this for 3.0. VeriSign (the very expensive SSL Cert guys) […]

Firefox Malware

Search Google for “Firefox” and you’ll get several advertisements offering Firefox. Most of them link to Google’s toolbar/Firefox combo download (for which Google pays the webmaster for each download). This is shady at best, but not quite the subject of this post. The image in this post shows 5 ads that appeared for me. 2 […]

Firefox Tip: Organizing Deleting Bookmarks

Want to delete a bookmark you don’t want anymore? Just right click on the bookmark you don’t want and select delete. This works even in the bookmarks menu. Want to organize your bookmarks? Put them into subdirectories for efficiency? Go to the “Bookmarks” menu and select “Organize Bookmarks”. From there you can drag/drop to organize […]

Firefox Tip: What Does That Mean?

Ever read something online and wonder what that means? For example say I mention “Romulus and Remus”. Do you know who they are? If not, just select their names by highlighting them, then right click while they are highlighted. In the menu you will see the ability to search for them using Google (or your […]