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Firefox Tip: Send To A Friend

I’m pretty sure many ignore this handy feature. Find a page you want to share with a coworker, friend, family member? Simply right click on the page (or go to the “File” menu) and select “Send Link”. Firefox will create a new email with the title of the page you found and include the link in the body. Add your friend(s) email address and send it off. Sharing links is easy.

Send To A Friend

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Something I’ve often wondered: Couldn’t that thing have a better name? “Send Link” is pretty vague, where am I sending it to, a shortcut on the desktop? Wouldn’t something like “E-mail Link To…” be more descriptive?

I also agree with you “Toe”. It should reference the method for sending the link, email.

However, I actually cannot see a decent usage case personally for this. I’ve never used it apart from unintentionally clicking it instead of “Save Image As”.

That’s one of those strange things left in Firefox that I would like to be done away with. Everyone’s talking about making the UI lighter than Mozilla has been and Seamonkey is but this rarely used (yes I know, some people do use it, as some people used other things that got removed) item has stayed with us to this day.

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