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Firefox Tips

I decided to do a little series of posts I’ll call “Firefox Tips”. The goal isn’t to entertain or educate technical users. The goal is to be (mostly) quick little things that common users likely just overlook or never bother to explore. This will last “about a month” because I haven’t decided exactly how many will make the cut. Most will only be a few sentences to not bore and get to technical, they will vary in “difficulty” (though pretty basic stuff) and be focused on getting the most out of your browser without being a geek.

So without further delay, I bring you “Firefox Tips”… Creative eh?

They will be in the Mozilla category as well as a new Firefox Tips category for those who want to link just to them. Feel free to leave comments on other uses/suggestions regarding a tip. If it’s a really good comment I may update the post accordingly.

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Firefox Tips…

Firefox Tips RSS son una serie de entradas con tips básicos y sencillos para usuarios noveles de nuestro navegador favorito, el autor es Robert Accettura un desarrollador web que contribuye con Mozilla.


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