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Firefox Tip: Customize Your Browser UI

Did you know you can customize your browsers interface. Want a print button in the browser toolbar like you had in IE? “New Tab” button? Download Manager? No problem. Just right click on the toolbar and select customize. You’ll see a window with various icons appear.

From here you can just select what you want by dragging it to the desired position in the toolbar. You can remove an item from the toolbar by just dragging it off. Feel free to reposition items as well. It’s all customizable via drag & drop. You can set it up any way you like. It’s your browser.

Don’t worry about messing things up, if you don’t like what you did and want to go back to the defaults just press the “Restore Default Set” button in that window.

4 replies on “Firefox Tip: Customize Your Browser UI”

hehe….. i dont want to right click to see what this is all about… or, er, hmm, maybe i want to right click anyway……??

This was one of my favourite features – until it decided not to work for me anymore. Everytime I open the customise window it don’t let me move items from my browser such as bookmarks, home, reload etc. I can only add items…

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