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Anycast Saves The Web

Several weeks ago the root servers were attacked. CNet is running a story that says Anycast played a role in preventing larger problems. It would be interesting to see if all the root servers switch to Anycast. Where would the new distributed servers go? Does Verisign etc. own that many data centers? Or would they […]

HD Photo?

Microsoft is trying to standardize it’s new HD Photo (aka Windows Media Photo) format. In general the format sounds pretty decent (though I’ve yet to see it and really compare). From the site: Multiple color formats for display or print Fixed or floating point high dynamic range, wide gamut image encoding Lossless or high-quality lossy […]

Planet Mozilla Blog

For those who don’t know (such as those who don’t subscribe to the Planet Mozilla feed), there is now a Planet Mozilla blog. The goal is to allow for good communication between the new Planet Mozilla module owner/peers (including myself) and Planet Mozilla bloggers and readers. This just shows how blogging is really an important […]


I’ve seen a few of these types of blog posts before. This one being “7 Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep“. Overall it’s a good read, but it has me wondering. Are these legitimate “confessions”? Or Lonelygirl15 reincarnated? There was an underlying message in that confession: If you buy more, we’ll be nicer to you. […]