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Spam Havens?

I’ve recently seen an increase in spam around here slipping through the filter. In an attempt to keep this site clean, I keep a close eye on comments. Typically checking several times a day, and removing URL’s that are pure spam, or just inappropriate. But over the past several days things have been getting stranger.

The typically very clean (Apple Inc.’s .mac Web Hosting service) seems to be a spam haven. The last several days, I’ve been seeing several spams for a “Streammate” site hosted by Apple. This is one of those porn spam sites (which I get a hundred a day). What’s interesting is that it doesn’t seem to get shutdown promptly. Do they not monitor the service? It’s not like it’s even free. This is paid hosting. Most hosting services have some spam sites. It’s virtually impossible to avoid. But they should be removed when found.

Not only is Apple hosting these Spam pages, but so are others including the City of Riverside, California, who links to the Apple hosted spam.

The URL’s relevant in this case are below as an image to prevent any Google Juice, as well as unsuspecting clicks. You’ll have to very intentionally type them into your URL bar. The contents may not be appropriate for all audiences, who knows what badware lies within. Be warned.

Spam Havens?

I’ve contacted Apple and The City of Riverside. Lets see how quickly this is handled.

Edit: Just realized AOL’s hosting too.

Edit: See the update.

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