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Daniel Glazman is at it again, this time with Fuller Screen Mode. This has serious potential for anyone who ever has to do a presentation. I’ve had it in the back of my mind for a while. With a copy of Firefox, you now have full screen presentations that look great. For presentations on the go, consider a USB Drive and Portable Firefox if you’re using Windows. Very easy, very compatible, very usable. Combine it with jQuery and the Interface Elements or (with included prototype.js), and you can even have some fancy transitions and everything. Not to mention it can print out very well, and is very compatible to share on the web.

Of course you’ve seen that S5 is a great way to make presentations. Still waiting on someone to make an extension for NVU/Mozilla Composer that makes S5 presentations a snap for average Joe who doesn’t want to code.

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I’d always gotten around the extra chrome by popping up a chrome-free window with, then hitting F11. Still, it’s good to have a no-code option, particularly for average Joe.

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