IE7 Testing

I complained a while back about how unlike Firefox or Opera, it’s hard it is to support multiple versions of IE. Microsoft apparently did listen to developer complaints, and came out with a solution.

You can now download a time crippled VirtualPC Image and running IE6 in VirtualPC. It’s available free of charge. The catch is it’s time crippled (though it seems like they will release a new image before that time).

This vastly improves the situation, but I wish they also offered IE7 virtualized, for those who can’t/won’t upgrade at this time (corporate IT policy, etc.). I also think there would be significant benefit to developers to see IE 5.x as available (since we still often have to support it). A VMware version for Linux (and eventually Mac) developers would also be great to see, though I won’t hold my breath on that one.

But regardless, it’s a great move. I just hope they keep coming out with updates to keep the program going. Hooray for solutions!

3 thoughts on “IE7 Testing

  1. BTW, when I have Javascript disabled (using the NoScript-extension) your site does not tell that the sending of my comments did not work. I am just returned to the same page and at first I thought that the comments should be moderated first (because these did not appear online immediately). But then I thought perhaps the site needed a bit of Javascript for this to function. So after enabling JS for the website the comments did appear online.

    Just a little of good old NoScript to the rescue ?

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  3. Tbh, I think IE versions earlier than 6 should be ignored from now on, along with Netscape versions earlier than 6 (or even 7).

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