Tuesday Releases

Tuesday is the scheduled release of Firefox 2.0.

1.0 Tuesday November 9, 2004
1.5 Tuesday November 29, 2005
2.0 Tuesday October 24, 2006

First interesting to see how major releases really do line up about a year apart (hard to tell when the industry is so rapidly evolving). Secondly it’s interesting to see the consistent use Tuesdays, similar to that of Apple, who almost always does releases on a Tuesday.

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Not for nothing, but many IT folks also think of M$ when it comes to Tuesdays. The second tuesday of every month has been “Patch Tuesday” for quite some time now – ever since Microsoft listened to the feedback of IT departments everywhere and stopped releasing patches whenever they felt like it. I must admit that I’m a little surprised that Fx2.0 is coming out so soon – I thought there’d be a week or two more… it sort of makes me wonder if it’s inspired by a wish to get it out before IE7 rolls out on Patch Tuesday. 😉

Still, it’s looks like it’ll be a great release – I’ve been running the nightlies for a few weeks now, and in general, I’m liking it.

(I still have some gripes about the theme, but c’est la vie. [The hover color is far too similar to the active tab color in XP “Classic.])

One thing I really like is the mouse scroll over the tab bar – that’s awesome! Also, the fact that the tab arrow light up when tabs beyond the current view have changed is very handy for stuff like Gmail.

(Now…if only there would be an Official MSI release… (which we were promised for 1.5…ahem!))

Tuesdays are a sensible day to make a release:

* Saturday and sunday the developers are not normally at work
* Fridays the developers are more interested in their plans for the weekend than in an upcoming release, and will be really pissed off if they are asked to come in Saturday to finish a release (note to americans: pissed off = annoyed, pissed = too much alcohol)
* Any problems that have been found over the weekend can be discussed and hopefully fixed on monday.
* A tuesday release gives IT departments a few days to test for a release the same week.

Having said that, I’ve been using Firefox 2.0 since RC1 and have yet to find a problem.

This is my fault, I started this. We ship product on Tuesdays because there’s too much risk on Monday for other financial news and other product announcements.

Tuesday, we can have all to ourselves. Also, we have all of Monday (when I was there anyway) to prepare for a Tuesday release.

Wednesday works fine as well. Thursday and Friday are too late.

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