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When Will Google Calendar Become Usable?

Google Calendar is an awesome web application. And despite my best efforts, Google doesn’t want me to use it. It came out back in April, and still lacks WebDAV support. As a result it’s read-only for client side applications. If they supported WebDAV so we could have full access to calendars, it would be infinitely more usable. I just don’t understand how it launched without. Who knows, perhaps one day it will catch up.

Ideally it would come out with Sync conduits for popular platforms: WebDAV (covers iCal and Sunbird), HotSync (Palm) and Blackberry.

Until then I still can’t figure out how I’d use it on a daily basis. It’s a shame, it’s an awesome app, but unfortunately it’s shortcomings are fatal.

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The newly released Lightning pretends to cocop with Ggoogle Calendar but havne’t figured out how to make it work.

BTW, I think you mean caldav, not webdav; caldav is not a 1.0 spec, and is not widely supported yet (I hear because of some definite problems with the spec) so it is hard to blame Google for not implementing it.

Luis Villa Says:
> BTW, I think you mean caldav, not webdav

No I think Robert means WebDAV.

Both iCal og Sunbird are able to store calendar-files (.ics) on servers supporting the WebDAV-protocol.

IMHO they don’t support WebDAV for GCal for the same reason they don’t support IMAP for Gmail, both allow you to use the service without visiting the web site. No web site visits no eyeballs/clicks on ads no free service πŸ˜‰

@Matthew: they do support POP3 for Gmail. They likely don’t support IMAP since it would be messy with subscribing/unsubscribing folders, and how Gmail is designed to organize mail… just not very practical.

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