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I mentioned last night that I switched to Google Reader. What I didn’t mention is that I have a nice way of monitoring what new items are in there for me to read.

I wrote a quick Microsummary to keep an eye on it for me. I really wish Google would have implemented this already, perhaps they will at some point. Oh well. Just in case anyone else wants to use it, you can install it by clicking below:

Update: Removed for now due to a possible bug. Will try again later.

2 replies on “Google Reader Generator”

Bob, could you email me your MS? I’ve tried to do MS for my Inbox to show number of the unread messages in it but failed. Haven’t evaluated if it’s a bug or feature of FF2.0 yet, as it supports plain text only so far.

Hey Robert, have you had a chance to update the Microsummary, or know of someone who has written a working one? This would be such a handy one!

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