Lightning Strikes The iPod

I started working to implement support for Lighting (project to integrate Calendar into Thunderbird) to sync with Apple iPods via mozPod. Didn’t take to long before I had a successful sync. It’s not done yet, and likely some big evil bugs (read: including but not limited to loss of data or first born child), but it’s well on the way!

That’s right, we now have the ability to sync contacts and calendar to the iPod on Mac/Windows (Linux still on the todo list, though it’s mostly there). It will require Thunderbird 1.5 or later. No release date just yet.

How cool is that? 😀

13 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes The iPod

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  2. Cameron: yes, I do plan to do that at some point. Though likely not right away. I’d prefer to focus on good Thunderbird/Lightning support first.

  3. @Cameron, there is aready an extension for songbird to sync with your ipod.

    @Robert: Awesome! Can’t wait to synce my calendar and contacts with my ipod! Awesome!

  4. Robert – this is great news. I’m using mozPod right now to sync up contacts and can’t wait to try syncing calendar data as well. If you’re looking for someone to put it through it’s paces, please drop me a line. I’m also putting together a howto/white paper on end-to-end synchronization using Thunderbird with multiple machines and devices and want to include the Lightning integration in my write-up.

    Nice work!

  5. Sounds great!

    I’ve just installed mozpod and I was wondering if there was something similar to sync the calendar too. When mozpod can sync both the address book and the calendar it’ll be really such a useful component!

    Thanks & Cheers,

  6. WOW IT WENT BOOM!!! AND HE WOW WENT BOOM!!!!!!! AND WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DID I SAID WOW YET!!!!!!!!

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