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Google Reader Generator

I mentioned last night that I switched to Google Reader. What I didn’t mention is that I have a nice way of monitoring what new items are in there for me to read. I wrote a quick Microsummary to keep an eye on it for me. I really wish Google would have implemented this already, […]

Google Reader Updated

I’ve been using RSS Readers for a while, but not consistently because I’m extremely picky. I insist on the following: Be able to show multiple feeds merged together as 1 category. Do the above, fast. Handle RSS 2.0 and Atom without bugging out over all the tiny mistakes or discrepancies some generators can have Either […]

Lenovo Starts Recall

Like there was any doubt it would happen, there’s now officially a recall on Lenovo/IBM laptop batteries made by Sony. Not surprising Sony has given up and started a global recall to get the damage over with, and behind them as quick as possible, and minimize potential future incidents/lawsuits. Like there was anyone who didn’t […]

In Search Of The Missing Sync?

I had another silly thought this evening, and thought I’d just mention it for anyone interested. I’ve been reading through some bugs, and wiki documents on the state of synchronization of various devices with Mozilla based products. It would be great to have a generic XPCOM wrapper for interacting with Bluetooth support on various platforms […]

Google Earth Accuracy

I’ve been a fan of Google Earth since it was Keyhole. But this screenshot/picture comparison still managed to really impress me. Just amazing. Now imagine what this product could be in 4 more years?

Hacking The TSA

Everyone’s favorite security guru has a great blog post on how to prevent loss of an expensive camera that must be checked luggage rather than carry on. To summarize, you can pack it with a starter pistol so that the TSA takes extra precautions to prevent it’s loss (they don’t want to loose a gun, […]

Lightning Strikes The iPod

I started working to implement support for Lighting (project to integrate Calendar into Thunderbird) to sync with Apple iPods via mozPod. Didn’t take to long before I had a successful sync. It’s not done yet, and likely some big evil bugs (read: including but not limited to loss of data or first born child), but […]

Thinkpad Explodes

Engadget has the scoop on a Thinkpad that blew up at LAX. From the picture I’m virtually positive it’s a T4x/p (T40/p, T41/p, T42/p, T43/p). According to IBM/Lenovo Documentation (T40/p, T41/p, T42/p T43/p) they do ship some with Sony batteries, in addition to Panasonic and Sanyo. I personally have a Sayno in my T43. I […]

20,000 Passwords Analyzed

An interesting perspective on 20,000 Passwords. As noted in the comments, the data collection skews the results a bit, since most people who fall for phishing scams aren’t knowledgeable enough to know a good password form a bad password. But it’s possible to generate a safe password with ease even if your not a technically […]

Asynchronous Processing With PHP

Several weeks ago I was looking on line for a way to have PHP execute a background process, so that the page didn’t hang while some functionality happened. One way to do that is to use fsockopen() to open a url to exec what you want. But I wanted to see if there was another […]