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Better Corporate Deployment

A while back I asked a question about how companies deploy/update Firefox in the corporate environment. I got a fair amount of feedback on the issue. I wanted to post this a while back, but got sidetracked. Anyway here’s what I’ve put together after reading comments and emails about the topic. Based on what I’ve […]

In Search Of The Epoch Child

The UNIX Epoch is 00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970. That’s essentially the beginning of time for UNIX based systems. You know, “In the beginning when Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie created the /usr and the /etc“1. I’m curious if anyone has tracked down someone (preferably a geek) who was born on the Unix Epoch. […]

Good Sites Bad Design

This article tries to explain why some websites with really ugly designs do so well regarding usage. I think it dances around the reality of the situation. These sites are ugly because they weren’t professionally designed. They were implemented to be functional and to get into the marketplace (budget/time/resource limitations). The reason they are successful […]

Electronic D-Day

Looking at this map, it’s clear November 9, 2004 was D-Day for the open source movement. We can’t stop until Steve Balmer is in a hiding in a bunker under Redmond Washington. Map by Steven Hilton copied per license in image to ensure availability.

Windows Live OneCare

I’m curious if anyone has tried Windows Live OneCare (via Amazon note: affiliate link used) with Firefox, and especially with Thunderbird. I personally haven’t tried it. A quick Google search doesn’t turn up to much info. Is it detecting viruses in emails correctly and problem free? Or is it causing chaos? I’d love to hear […]

Frank Zappa’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Testimony

This video is priceless. A must see. You can hear everyone laughing in the background. Not to mention he was being very rational about the whole thing and poking holes in the proposed law.

Waiting for Duke Nukem Forever

Found here and mirrored below the break since things like this tend to disappear or move over time. This list is pretty good, haven’t verified all the facts, but they seem to be pretty accurate.

Windows Vista

Foreword: This is somewhat of an informal rant, it’s pretty much my notes tinkering in Windows Vista. Am I the only one who is not very impressed with Windows Vista? Several things so far have just shown to be a complete turnoff: It warns me about everything. Warnings stink, people just ignore them if they […]

No GBrowser

According to this article Google doesn’t intend to make a web browser: “We would not build a browser just for the fun of building a browser,” [Eric] Schmidt said. At least he admits building a browser is fun!